The Wild Specialties :: Beautiful Today


TheWildSpecialties_BeautifulTodayThe Wild Specialties have been around for quite a while, but have been laying low for a few years. But now they’re back and ready to evoke the spirits again! Their long-expected debut album “Beautiful Today” is out now. Their music aims for the heart and it is clear that this album is infested with a lot of love, soul and dedication. The Wild Specialties are a group of friends who have been playing music and sharing the experience of life together for over 15 years. The band has played at various festivals, at the famous Paradiso club in Amsterdam and live on national radio. The band members have got a lot of experience between them, recording and playing with other groups all over Europe.

1. Giveaway
2. Be Still
3. Simone
4. Angels
5. All = fine
6. Cactus Night
7. Let Me
8. Juliette
9. Red Sun
10. Rivendel Blues
11. Another Time
12. Beautiful Today


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Listen to tracks at the band’s website or MySpace

On YouTube: Trees, True Love, Jesus gonna be here, Red sun


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