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Tim Easton :: Porcupine

april 28, 2009

TimEaston_PorcupineAmericana singer/songwriter Tim Easton has been driven westward both geographically and musically since his college days in Ohio. On his 5th album, Porcupine, the Joshua Tree, CA resident lets a myriad of guitar riffs rooted in blues, country, rockabilly and campfire folk (more…)

Willie Nile :: House Of A Thousand Guitars

april 24, 2009

WillieNile_HouseOfAThousandGuitarsAs powerful as it sounds, tenacity is only a word until you see and hear it personified in the person of gifted singer/songwriter Willie Nile. Nearly 30 years after his much-heralded debut and two years after his astonishing re-emergence on Streets of New York, Nile is ready (more…)

Leeroy Stagger :: Everything Is Real

april 23, 2009

LeeroyStagger_EverythingIsRealEverything is Real is a 11 song masterpiece of music from the heart and soul of this young troubadour. It features musical guests Bobby Furgo (Leonard Cohen Band), Tim easton, Evan Philips (Whipsaws), (more…)

Ad Vanderveen :: Faithful To Love

april 2, 2009


The best thing in life, as in Music, have a way of happening before you know or even plan them. “I was planning to keep still after the relase of Still Now but failed miserably”, comments singer/songwriter Ad Vanderveen one year after the release of his acclaimed/acoustic concept 2cd. (more…)