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The best thing in life, as in Music, have a way of happening before you know or even plan them. “I was planning to keep still after the relase of Still Now but failed miserably”, comments singer/songwriter Ad Vanderveen one year after the release of his acclaimed/acoustic concept 2cd. An invitation from friend and producer/enginer Matt Butler – renowned for his work with Paul McCartney, Mark Knopfer, John Martyn and many others – resulted in an atmospheric and all acoustic cd called Faithful To Love.
The session took place in january 2009 at the Stone House, Butler’s 18th century Herefordshire home in England, and features the voices and guitars of Vanderveen and singer/companion Kersten de Ligny, as well as the trademark violin and mandolin sounds of old friend Jim Morrison, that go back as far as Ad’s earliest wotk in the 80s. The song selection consists of 9 originals and 2 covers (by Diana Jones and John Gorka) that feature the voice of Kersten. “It was mostly an intimate celebration of friendship and love that was around the house and evoked this timeless folk spirit. I had 8 new songs and 1 remake that I thought of saving up, working towards a new record in a year of so. But this all came pouring out now, to Matt’s reassuring words of judgement ‘It’s a Record!’ A fantastic Record”, Vanderveen concludes.

1. Love & Music 3:13
2. Bottom Drops Out 2:40
3. Build Me A Home 4:03
4. Song For Mama 3:49
5. Faithful To Love 3:44
6. All My Money On You 4:05
7. Lose The Sorrow 3:22
8. Seat Eachother Free 3:52
9. Wannabe 3:04
10. Houses In The Fields 5:00
11. Christmas In The Woods 4:49


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Kersten de Ligny met het prachtige “All my money on you” van Diana Jones
Ad Vanderveen – Make it home

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