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LeeroyStagger_EverythingIsRealEverything is Real is a 11 song masterpiece of music from the heart and soul of this young troubadour. It features musical guests Bobby Furgo (Leonard Cohen Band), Tim easton, Evan Philips (Whipsaws), Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat) and Neal Casal (Ryan Adams) as well as Scottish songster Roddy Hart. The title track is rollicking 3 minute classic reminiscent “Red Bandana” evokes the poetry of Lucinda Williams Essense record. Everything is Real is where Stagger finds his voice and really starts his career off brand new. Stagger is also a member of folk trio Easton Stagger Philips with aclaimed American Songwriters Tim Easton and Evan Philips.

01. Petrified World 4:14
02. Sleep Alone 4:09
03. Hell of a Life 3:42
04. Brothers 4:29
05. Red Bandana 3:58
06. Stormy 3:42
07. Too Many Rainy Days 3:39
08. Higher than Heaven 4:33
09. Everything is Real 3:06
10. Snowing in Nashville 4:21
11. Another Friday Night 4:15


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Live performance Easton Stagger Phillips met “Red Bandana” in Toogenblik

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