Willie Nile :: House Of A Thousand Guitars


WillieNile_HouseOfAThousandGuitarsAs powerful as it sounds, tenacity is only a word until you see and hear it personified in the person of gifted singer/songwriter Willie Nile. Nearly 30 years after his much-heralded debut and two years after his astonishing re-emergence on Streets of New York, Nile is ready to push his career into high gear with the release of House of a Thousand Guitars.Recorded in the autumn of 2008, its a tour de force of the kind of rock troubadour craftsmanship that makes Nile such a refreshing, honest and rockin presence. House of a Thousand Guitars is the realization of all the promise that Niles earlier work had suggested and that had been predicted by many since his debut album years ago. From meaty all-out rockers like the title track and “Doomsday Dance” to the chilling portrait of wars aftermath in “Now That The War Is Over” to the heartbreaking beauty of “Her Love Falls Like Rain” and “Touch Me,” Willie Nile has likely made the best album of his career.

1. House Of A Thousand Guitars
2. Run
3. Doomsday Dance
4. Love Is A Train
5. Her Love Falls Like Rain
6. Now That The War Is Over
7. Give Me Tomorrow
8. Magdalena
9. Little Light
10. Touch Me
11. The Midnight Rose
12. When The Last Light Goes Out On Broadway


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