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TimEaston_PorcupineAmericana singer/songwriter Tim Easton has been driven westward both geographically and musically since his college days in Ohio. On his 5th album, Porcupine, the Joshua Tree, CA resident lets a myriad of guitar riffs rooted in blues, country, rockabilly and campfire folk set the color for observational lyrics capturing life from the dessert to the sea. The new album finds Tim’s storytelling skills as sharp as quills, possibly inspired by his friend and pal Lucinda Williams. One of Porcupine’s shining moments is the wishful two minute pop-folk jangle 7th Wheel (conjured by the same spirits that entired the room while Browne and Frey wrote Take it easy), Easton known for his incessant toruing (from Amsterdam to Anchorage to Ft. wayne to Jacksonville), will be on the road supporting Porcupine for a long time.

Tracks 1-Burgundy Red 2-Broke My Heart 3-Porcupine 4-The Young Girls 5-Stormy 6-Stone’s Throw Away 7-7th Wheel 8-Get What I Got 9-Baltimore 10-Northbound 11-Long Cold Night In Bed 12-Goodbye Amsterdam


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Broke my heart

Tim Easton – Porcupine from New West Records on Vimeo


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