Kilborn Alley Blues Band :: Better Off Now


En opeens zoemt het rond: de blues heeft weer toekomst en dat is te danken aan The Kilborn Alley Blues Band. Deze vijf Amerikanen zijn behoorlijk uit hun slof geschoten op hun derde cd Better Off Now. Hun eigen nummers passen in de traditie van Muddy Waters en Junior Wells, maar ze deinzen er ook niet voor terug om flink wat soul in hun blues te stoppen. Een van de grootste verrassingen van de laatste jaren op bluesgebied en een absolute aanrader.

The Kilborn Alley Blues Band has graduated from the underground and is providing listeners a graduate course in real Chicago blues on their third Blue Bella CD, Better Off Now. Their first two Blue Bella releases were nominated for Blues Music Awards, and Better Off Now makes the case that the third time should be the charm. The band recently won the 2009 Blues Blast “Sean Costello Rising Star Award” during the all-star blues galaceremony at Buddy Guys Legends last October. These guys dish up back-alley blues, anguished soul ballads, and churning R&B workouts, comfortably playing all of them because unlike so many of their peers, they comprehend the inexorable connections between each genre and make them their own.

1. Nothin’ Left To Stimulate
2. Foolsville
3. Better Off Now
4. Train To Memphis
5. Watch It
6. Bubbleguts
7. Tonight
8. You Can Have The Tail
9. Keep Me Hangin’
10. Whoa Yeah Woman
11. Tough Times

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