Matthew Stubbs :: Medford & Main

Medford & Main is de tweede cd van de Amerikaanse gitarist Matthew Stubbs. Elf spetterende soul en blues instrumentals. Soms snoeihard, soms slepend, altijd sexy. Het titelnummer is Booker T. & The MG’s in bloedvorm, op andere nummers lijkt Lonnie Mack weer springlevend. Feestmuziek in het kwadraat.
Matthew Stubbs is a poet. But this 2009 Blues Audience Magazine Award Winner for “Outstanding Guitarist” and 2009 Boston Music Award Nominee for “Best Blues Act” uses a guitar instead of a pen. So notes Dennis Brennan in his reflections on the new Blue Bella release, Medford & Main. “Matts thing on this recording is soul and blues-based guitar instrumentals. Like all the greats – Booker T. & the MGs, Freddie King and Stuff – themusic connects with this listener in a primal way. I want to dance. I want to sing, and I want to make up my own words.” As a bandleader and composer, Stubbs has earned himself a reputation for his ability to write tremendously catchy music. The songs that he composes are a cocktail of Memphis Soul, Blues, R&B, Surf, Rock n Roll and Groove, all perfectly mixed together. Matthew also tours the world as part of the CharlieMusselwhite Band.
1. Medford & Main
2. Pistol Whip
3. Uncle Sonny
4. Sleepy Eyes
5. Double N
6. Tube Top Temptation
7. Yikes Ike
8. Mangos
9. Rug Burn
10. Waffles
11. Fazzo Beans


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