Blackberry Smoke :: Little Piece of Dixie


De tweede CD van Blackberry Smoke, Little Piece Of Dixie, laat er geen gras over groeien. Openingsnummer Good One Comin’ On is helemaal Lynyrd Skynyrd, maar wel een flinke snuif Waylon Jennings. Dampende Southern rock met country-invloeden. Het soort muziek dat je automatisch gaat maken als je opgroeit in Georgia of een andere Zuidelijke staat in Amerika. In deze tijd is er geen band die dat beter doet dan Blackberry Smoke. Als verrassing is er nog de bonustrack Yesterday’s Wine, een Willie Nelson-nummer dat ze hier samen met George Jones doen.

Atlanta based Blackberry Smoke continues to grow into the premiere Southern Rock band of America. They have shared the stage with ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Shooter Jennings, Cross Canadian Ragweed and countless others. The band recorded their sophomore effort Little Piece Of Dixie with legendary producer Dann Huff (Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts) and engineer Justin Niebank. 
You can call Blackberry Smoke’s music southern rock and you wouldn’t be wrong.  Or you could call it country and you wouldn’t be wrong, either.  But you would be selling both the band and its legion of fans short by trying to fit them solely into one genre.  With influences that run the gamut from country to bluegrass to metal to gospel and yes, southern rock, Blackberry Smoke is more than the sum of its diverse parts.

1. Good One Comin’ On 3:38
2. Like I Am 4:32
3. Bottom Of This 3:39
4. Up In Smoke 3:27
5. Sanctified Woman 3:28
6. Who Invented The Wheel 3:40
7. I’d Be Lyin? 3:45
8. Prayer For The Little Man 4:15
9. Restless 3:27  
10. Shake Your Magnolia 3:55
11. Freedom Song 5:23

Touring NL & B
15.06.2010 :  Blackberry Smoke – Paradiso, Amsterdam
17.06.2010 :  Blackberry Smoke – Olen-Antwerpen (B) Crossroads



Blackberry Smoke – “Good One Comin’ On” from Blackberry Smoke on Vimeo.

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