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The Lovell Sisters, die ons de laatste jaren aangenaam verrasten met hun moderne en eigen versie van bluegrass, heten na een personeelswisseling nu Larkin Poe. Op hun debuut Spring, een ruim 33 minuten durende EP met negen nummers, blijken ze nog steeds een revolutionaire countrygroep te zijn, maar zoeken ze ook wat meer het experiment. Wat meer jazzinvloeden, wat Joni Mitchell. Maar wat is gebleven, zijn de prachtige liedjes, de sublieme samenzang en de inventieve muziek.

Larkin Poe is the extension of The Lovell Sisters, which received critical acclaim for their releases Time to Grow (2009) and When forever rolls around (2006). At that time they were 3 sisters who did success in the US. after winning the competition “A Prairie Home Companion” in front of 4.5 million radio listeners. Originally, the girls are trained in classical violin and piano, but when they heard bluegrass music, they chose to go in that musical direction with The Lovell Sisters.When the oldest sister Jessica after the “Time to Grow” album, decided to marry, attend school and take a break from music, it was natural for youngest sister Rebecca, now 18, to step into the leadrole and and create “Larkin Poe” together with her sister Megan.The band is flirting with pop and soul music more than ever, but the roots/bluegrass music is still evident. Larkin Poes concert debut was as a support act for The Indigo Girls, and 4 x Grammy Winner Brandi Carlie, before they went on a cruise playing side by side of Emmilou Harris.

Spring is the first mini album out in a series of 4 from Larkin Poe, each named after their own season. Early in 2009 the sisters Rebecca and Megan challenged each other to write a new song every day to grow as songwriters. A lot of strange material came up, but also a lot of good.
At the time, they were a part of the critically acclaimed trio Lovell Sisters, a group,  which received critical acclaim for releases Time to Grow (2009) and When forever rolls around (2006). They had success in the U.S. after winning the competition “A Prairie Home Companion “in front of 4.5 million radio listeners. In 2009 they took the step up to the biggest festivals in the U.S., played in seven European countries, Oprah Winfrey, MSN and Vogue called “The next big thing”, and Elvis Costello was so impressed that he called them and asked if they would support him and play as part of his band on the concerts.
In 2010 the oldes Lovell sister, Jessica decided to take a break from music to study and raise a family. Thus, the two younger sisters chose to address the name of their great-great-great-grandfather, Larkin Poe, a legend that survived the Civil War and still live in their memories for generations after his death. Because of their challenge to one another to write new songs every day the girls had a lot of material in stock and the new band was started in record time. This time they take another step from the bluegrass world, and has both electric guitar and drums. Yet well-planted in the Rootsmusic.
The acclaimed music paper No Depression summarizes the new sound like this: While featuring mandolin and dobro, this is not Bluegrass. Electric guitar, bass and drums don’t make it Rock ’n Roll. Un-pop like melodies and arrangements don’t make it Jazz. I-tunes calls it Folk, but that isn’t it either. Take a bit of all of this and stir it up. In lesser hands it might be chaos. Larkin Poe turn it into a very smooth, well crafted piece of work.
It’s unique.”

1 Long Hard Fall
2 We Intertwine
3 Burglary
4 To Myself
5 Shadows Of Ourselves
6 The Principle Of Silver Lining
7 Ball And Chain
8 Nothin’ But Air
9 Fairbanks, Alaska

Larkin Poe

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