Dave Gleason :: Turn And Fade


Timelessness can’t be manufactured. Music either cuts across the years, feeling right at home in yesteryear AND the unfolding now, or it doesnt. From the get-go, Dave Gleason has crafted songs and executed them in a way that hums timelessly, country rock that fit in fine on a scratchy old turntable at Merle Travis house, blasting from an 8-track player in Waylon Jennings pickup truck or serenading crowds during intermission at a Tom Petty show today. Turn and Fade is his strongest, toughest song cycle to date. Turning the guitar roar up a notch or two, Gleason muses on the things that keep us up at night and the things that keep us moving over the next horizon

01. All Morning Long (instrumental)
02. Turn And Fade
03. If You’re Going Through Hell
04. Pale Blue
05. The Neon And The Wine
06. Blue Side Of The World
07. Radio 1965
08. The Rails Don’t Run Here
09. The San Joaquin (instrumental)
10. Tonight
11. Wait For The Rain
12. Wishing I Was Here Tonight




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