Leeroy Stagger :: Little Victories


Little Victories, de zesde CD van de Canadees Leeroy Stagger, opent met Everyone’s On Drugs en veel betere liedjes zijn er deze eeuw niet gemaakt. Een verpletterende persoonlijke afrekening. Wat er daarna gebeurt op Little Victories is ook opzienbarend goede country, folk en pop, waarin luid en duidelijk de stemmen van Ryan Adams, Townes Van Zandt, Gram Parsons en Neil Young doorklinken. Maar de stem die vooral te horen valt, is die van Leeroy Stagger. Hij verdient een miljoenenpubliek.

After almost a decade of  continuous releases and non-stop touring, the Canadian Singer/Songwriter and Roots & Country Rocker Leeroy Stagger certainly can’t be considered unknown among the world wide Canamericana scene enthusiasts. Especially with his last release Everything Is Real, which also was his debut on Blue Rose Records, he achieved his big break on international level and the entry into the global Americana Charts. 
Little Victories, already his sixth record produced by himself that for the first time is also titled with the name of his current band and definitely a sequel of his musical vita.

“Everyone’s fryin’, everyone’s stealin’, everyone’s lyin’, everyone’s dyin’…” – words of the desolate opener  ‘Everyone’s On Drugs’, which could be called a reckoning with his former way of life ruled by heteronomy and addiction. A perfect example for many Leeroy Stagger songs: Depressions are being pampered, the daily boredom bemoaned, wrecked relationships reviewed, stories about false friends told but this time the frustrations don’t get drowned in alcohol, but conquered in a straight, meaningful life  – even with some occasional failures or getting ahead in just little steps. The little victories in life – ‘Little Victories’ forsooth!

1. Everyone’s On Drugs
2. Long Way Home
3. Sit Around This House
4. Holy Water
5. Good Things
6. Waste Of A Wedding
7. Poor Little Rock Star
8. Way Down The Bottom
9. George’s Blues
10. Hard Town
11. She Will Be Received
12. I Believe In Love
13. Love Will Let You Down



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