Devon Sproule :: Live in London


Devon Sproule was pas 21 toen ze in 2003 Upstate Songs uitbracht, een meesterlijke CD die de vergelijking met Lucinda Williams’ Car Wheels On a Gravel Road kon doorstaan. Dit was sublieme folkrock uit het Zuiden van Amerika. Relaxed, maar toch vol vuur. Het bewijs dat folk als genre nog lang niet dood was. Devon schrijft prachtige liedjes en haar stem is ongekend fraai. Live In London is haar eerste live-CD en ze wordt begeleid door haar man, de zeer onderschatte gitarist Paul Curreri, en een Engelse band met op steelgitaar de legendarische BJ Cole. Iedereen is in topvorm en als extraatje is er nog een DVD bijgevoegd met niet alleen concertopnames, maar ook clips met kleedkamer- en tourfilmpjes. Een dubbel feest.

It seems Devon Sproule (pronounced like “rock ’n ROLL”) inhabits a hall of 1,000 people just as gracefully as she does a dive bar. Live in London, the 28-year-old’s first live record, includes a 10-song CD and 8-song DVD: 18 performances that showcase Sproule’s equally powerful and nuanced style. “Sproule’s songs ooze the atmosphere of balmy Virginia days,” wrote The Observer. “She grew up in a commune in the state – and her sunny outlook is infectious.” Scattered between songs on the DVD are video clips of Devon and the band in their tour van, backstage dancing, drinking, ribbing, & lamenting petrol put in a diesel tank.

On many of the tracks Paul Curreri shares sonic space with pedal steel guru BJ Cole. “Plea for a Good Night’s Rest,” the solo opener from Sproule’s 2003 record Upstate Songs, grows from a delicate cradle into a billowing heart-to-heart between Cole’s steel and Sproule’s voice. “Ain’t that The Way” puts the entire band to work as singers, carrying the counter melody sung on Don’t Hurry by fellow-Virginian Jesse Winchester. Curreri momentarily shrugs off his throat woes to duet with Sproule on the desert-bluesy rendering of Black Uhuru’s “Sponji Reggae.” Throughout, Coventry-based rhythm section G Vaughan (drums) and Andy Whitehead (bass) provide a solid, ingeniously subtle support. At one break between songs, Sproule and Curreri thank a friend in the audience for a bottle of Kenyan beer left on the stage (the couple collaborated with musicians in Nairobi last summer as part of a project called Chemirocha, exploring the connection between African Benga and Western country music.
CD tracklist
1. Julie
2. The Weeping Willow
3. Sponji Reggae
4. One Eye Open
5. Come Comet Or Dove
6. Plea For A Good Night’s Rest
7. Old Virginia Block
8. Stop By Anytime
9. Ain’t That The Way
10. Steady & True

Dvd Tracklist
1. The Weeping Willow
2. Good To Get Out
3. I Wanna Die In My Shoes
4. Ain’t That The Way
5. One Eye Open
6. A Picture Of Us In The Garden
7. Julie
8. Old Virginia Block




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