Stan Ridgway :: Neon Mirage


De nieuwe CD van de Californische cultmuzikant Stan Ridgway heet Neon Mirage is even uniek als zijn voorgangers. Er is bijna niemand die zo mooi kan praatzingen als Ridgway; alsof hij een duistere gangsterfilm of western aan het inspreken is. Filmisch, vreemd, lief en toch toegankelijk. Mooie teksten, deze keer nogal eens over de dood, omdat hij wat vrienden en familie is kwijtgeraakt tijdens het maken van Neon Mirage. Extra attracties: twee nummers zijn geproduceerd door Americana-godfather Dave Alvin en hij covert Bob Dylan’s Lenny Bruce. Heel bijzonder.

Does a songwriter chase his muse – or is it the other way ’round? That’s but one of the intriguing notions at the heart of Stan Ridgway’s 2010 release, Neon Mirage, arguably the most refined, yet musically eclectic collection of the veteran L.A. singer-songwriter/Wall of Voodoo founder’s career. “You never really have a choice about the tone and subject matter of the records you make,” Ridgway confides. “At least I don’t. They’re obsessions, really. It’s about the music, and how it heals the mind.” When Stan lost a beloved uncle, a colleague (Texas violinist Amy Farris, whose brilliant Neon Mirage work serves as fitting elegy), and the man who inspired so much of the musician’s own worldview, his own father, during the album’s writing/recording, Ridgway responded with some of the most reflective – if no less joyous – songs he’d ever recorded. “Events like that can’t help but have an impact on the music you’re making at the time,” Stan admits. “You’d be lying to yourself — and your listeners — if you thought otherwise. I’ve probably confused people with my music, my choices, the albums and the changes in direction from year to year. But I can’t help it. There’s a weird old American jukebox in my head and it still plays everything that’s ever got under my skin.”

1. The Big Green Tree
2. This Town Called Fate
3. Desert Of Dreams
4. Half Way There
5. Turn A Blind Eye
6. Like A Wanderin’ Star
7. Flag Up On A Pole
8. Lenny Bruce
9. Scavenger Hunt
10. Behind The Mask
11. Neon Mirage
12. Day Up In The Sun



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