Corinne West & Kelly Joe Phelps :: Magnetic Skyline


‘Elegante, nieuwe, sexy, akoestische jazz-rock-folk’ werd de vorige CD van de Californische Corinne West genoemd. Dat is ook een goede noemer voor Magnetic Skyline, behalve dat die nog wat extra’s te bieden heeft; namelijk een glansrol voor Kelly Joe Phelps. Diens inventieve gitaarspel tilt de muziek van West naar een nieuw en hoger niveau en als hij dan ook nog een diepe tweede stem zingt, zoals in Mother To Child, dan loopt het kippenvel je over het lijf. De laatste twee liedjes van Magnetic Skyline zijn overigens opgenomen in Amsterdam.

Traveling for years the same well-worn roads of the touring musician (crossing paths constantly, missing one another by a day here or a week there), it wasn’t until the end of 2009 that Corinne West and Kelly Joe Phelps found the opportunity to play music together. Performing alongside Corinne on a series of CD release shows for her most recent record ‘The Promise’, Kelly Joe discovered that he’d met a true musical partner, and she the same. The next thought was simultaneous and obvious – forge their respective solo careers into one as a duo.

The fundamental layer of Corinne and Kelly Joe’s new partnership is mutual admiration and respect both for the ideal of honest, inspired, poignant art, and each other’s own creativity and musical vision. They also share an undeniably ravenous passion for the acoustic guitar. From this foundation these two are creating beautiful, exceptional music. Intricate, dense and lush harmony vocals wrap themselves around layers of interlacing, weaving guitar parts. Alongside this rise lyrics rich in imagery and testament, held aloft by melodies soaring in tandem with two voices seemingly born to sing together. This new duo will delight and amaze fans already familiar with the work of either artist, and those discovering Corinne and Kelly Joe for the first time will marvel.

1. Whiskey Poet
2. Mother To Child
3. Horseback In My Dreams
4. Road To No Compromise)
5. Lily Ann
6. Lady Luck
7. Amelia
8. Rivers Fall



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