Steve Wynn & Miracle 3 :: Northern Aggression


Op Northern Aggression komen alle muzikale voorkeuren van Steve Wynn weer samen. Het vervreemdende geluid van de Velvet Underground, de praat/zang-stijl van Lou Reed, de rauwheid van Neil Young en de mooie liedjes van Big Star. Wynn, ex-leider van het baanbrekende Dream Syndicate, heeft veel CD’s gemaakt en nog nooit een slechte. Maar Northern Agression, de derde die hij maakte met zijn band Miracle 3, is een van de meest toegankelijke en een van zijn allerbeste.

„I remember when the Miracle 3 and I entered the city limits of Richmond, Virginia last Fall, ready to embark on the recording of our first new album together in over five years.  I got on the phone with my old pal and bandmate Stephen McCarthy who jokingly warned me to “leave your northern aggression at the door.”  The phrase seemed funny, ironic, apropos and, thus, naturally it became the favorite catch phrase of the session and, of course, became the inevitable title.”

We were the fast-talking, hard hitting, hyped up, tightly coiled yankees (and I’m not making a baseball reference here-I’ll save that for my other combo) and we were sliding into the slower, easier, drawling, mysterious Southern lifestyle for a week.

And the results, the head-on collision of the personalities and cultures makes sense.  I thin that Northern Aggression is psychedelic, greasy, sneaky, manic, wise, seasoned, nervous and ragged in all the right places. 

01. Resolution
02. We Don’t Talk About It
03. No One Ever Drowns
04. Consider The Source
05. Colored Lights
06. The Dead Of Donny B.
07. The Other Side
08. Cloud Splitter
09. St. Millwood
10. On The Mend
11. Ribbons And Chains



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