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Chris Brecht komt uit Texas, maar dat wil niet zeggen dat hij traditionele country en Americana maakt. Integendeel, hoewel hij oog heeft voor de klassiekers (Dylan, Byrds, Band), is hij ook een nieuwlichter. Hij heeft een wat praterige stijl van zingen en een Calexico-achtige wijze van musiceren. Hij vertelt mooie, vaak ontroerende verhalen in zijn slepende en pakkende liedjes. Country noir of donkere Americana zijn benamingen die zijn muziek recht doen. En met Dead Flower Motel heeft hij een waanzinnig goede tweede CD afgeleverd.

No, the latest Blue Rose Records signing definitely doesn’t sound like Texas at all. More like California or at least somewhere on the way there…   and that’s about where we’re starting to get to the bottom of it…. The singer/songwriter Chris Brecht is considered one of the biggest talents in the Austin music scene today. Dead Flower Motel, his second record that shows a clear development away from the conventional country and folk structures of his debut record The Great Ride which was released two years ago. Now it is getting more thrilling, more daring, and more band oriented: therefore Chris Brecht & Dead Flowers!

Most of the time Chris Brecht writes his songs to the guitar, words and lyrics are very important to him, he is a poet!

How the songs actually sound in the end, how the final arrangement will be and how the musicians come into play, evolves later on and gets decided in the studio. If everything goes well the pieces just fall into place on its own. With Dead Flower Motel everything works out perfect. As a result we hear 9 unique, powerful, fully fledged songs of which each is a small jewel, a short road movie, an on the road novel. Combined they result in a river of movement – travelling and searching – especially in the metaphoric connotation as well. A river that flows in nice, easy, steady way and carries deep human feelings like desire, love, desperation, wanderlust, fear and hope, always stretching towards to the horizon with nothing but the endless plains in view: a chance to escape and sometimes a hopeless jail. The once who know what it’s like to travel long distances in the southwest of the USA will think about sunny rocky roads in Big Bend National Park along the Rio Grande, about cactus fenced highways in Arizona, about fata morganas in the Mojave desert, about scenes from Zabriskie Point in Death Valley, about the curves along Highway No.1 at the Pacific… Just a few examples of thoughts that come to mind listening to tracks like ‘Wish You’, ‘Streetlights’, ‘Witch’s Curse’ .

1. Hollywood
2. Wiish You
3. Don’t Take It So Hard
4. Streetlights
5. You Been Livin’
6. Witch’s Curse
7. Not Where You Are
8. Blue Thunder
9. Devil 

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