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Toen de oudste van de drie zussen, Jessica, ermee stopte, hielden The Lovell Sisters ook op te bestaan. Rebecca en Megan gingen verder als Larkin Poe en na Spring, eerder dit jaar, is er nu de CD Summer. Waren The Lovell Sisters een countrygroep met bluegrass-invloeden, Larkin Poe gaat veel meer de folk kant op en schuwt het experiment niet. Er zijn klassieke- en jazz-invloeden en twee zeer gewaagde covers: Blind Willie Johnson’s In My Time Of Dying en Massive Attack’s Teardrop. Een zeer verrassende en goede CD.

In June came Larkin Poe’s first mini album Spring to very good reviews. Now Summer is next in the sequel. Early in 2009, the sisters Rebecca and Megan challenged each other to write a new song every day to grow as musicians. At the time they were part of the critically acclaimed trio Lovell Sisters. The band that garnered critical acclaim for the releases Time to Grow (2009) and When Forever Rolls Around (2006). When the oldest Lovell Sister Jessica left The Lovell Sisters, Larkin Poe was formed. The debut Spring received good reviews and radio play in the U.S., Norway, Germany, Sweden, England and Netherlands.

 In June 2010 Larkin Poe was on a Norwegian summer tour and used a couple of days to fiddle around in the norwegian studio Ocean Sound, situated by the shore in a small norwegian town. They desided to play a concert here and record it, and 3 of the tracks is now released on Summer. The studio recording room was packed with 100 people and the aircondition failed to cool the room causing the temprature to rise to steaming hot, but the audience was thrilled by the performance, and Larkin Poe’s strenght as a solid live band is captured on these tracks.

Acclaimed music newspaper No Depression gave the first album “Spring” brilliant review, and continues with Summer: This second installment in the ambitious “seasonal” series is Another Remarkable effort. The songs are strong, the playing first rate. I believe it’s going to be a wonderful year Wherever They take us.

1.  Praying For The Bell
2.  Sea Song
3.  Wrestling A Stranger
4.  Natalie
5.  Enough For You
6.  By The Pier
7.  In The Time Of Dying
8.  Principle Of Silver Lining
9.  Teardrop

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Single from the EP
Video from behind the scenes
Larkin Poes latest music video


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