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Met Welder, haar vijfde CD, promoveert Elizabeth Cook definitief naar de eredivisie van de vrouwen-Americana en mag ze aanschuiven bij Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams en Emmylou Harris. Geweldige liedjes, geweldige stem en omringd door geweldig gezelschap. Welder is namelijk geproduceerd door Don Was, het gitaarwerk is van haar echtgenoot Tim Carroll en de gasten zijn Buddy Miller, Rodney Crowell en Dwight Yoakam. Maar de ster is en blijft Elizaberth Cook zelf.

I’m not a welder, at least not in the typical sense of the trade.  But my daddy is, by way of 2300 hours of training that certified him, courtesy of the Atlanta Federal penitentiary.
I myself couldn’t put a rod in the thingamajig.  And heavy equipment makes me nervous.  But I do tend to fuse things, confuse things, sometimes with sparks, sometimes like a lava melt, sometimes backed by a tank of compressed air ready to blow, sometimes quiet as a slow leak. The beauty of writing, recording, gigging and the like to me is, when it’s right, it comes together and makes a glow in my soul, so intense it pierces a hot afternoon like a hissing firecracker.
“Don’t look at it directly…it’ll burn your eyes!” mama used to yell. I stood bare-footed hanging on the inside of the screen door of our Florida patio. I loved watching the electron-beam of our family business, Cook’s Welding, at work in our tiny dirt yard.  It was so hard not to look.  Couldn’t help but look.  And the rawness of my new album Welder is case and point. Apparently, I still can’t help but look.  — Elizabeth Cook

All The Time 
El Camino
Not California 
Heroin Addict Sister 
Yes To Booty
Blackland Farmer
Girlfriend Tonight 
Rock ‘n’ Roll Man 
Mama’s Funeral
I’m Beginning To Forget 
Snake In The Bed
Follow You Like Smoke
I’ll Never Know 
‘Til Then.

Elizabeth Cook Welder Proper BIO


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