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Na vijf jaar stilte zijn the Volebeats terug met een cd simpelweg The Volebeats geheten. Het kwartet uit Detroit wordt wel eens de beste onbekende band van Amerika genoemd en hoe goed ze zijn bewijzen ze hier in zeventien eigen nummers en twee covers, van Kinks en Kiss (!). Een buitengewone mix van vroege Byrds, Gram Parsons, Beatles, Wilco en Sadies, van Americana, Britse sixties-pop en kosmische country. Pakkende liedjes, glorieuze samenzang, eenvoudige instrumentatie. In al zijn sobere eenvoud is dit een absoluut meesterwerk.

The Volebeats’ new album is an epic double-LP affair, recorded in the heart of Detroit, Michigan. Throughout these 19 new songs, the group that Ryan Adams once called “the best American band” are in top form, proving themselves to be more prolific than ever.
The Volebeats is a definitive work from a favorite band of many musicians and critics, and it’s their first new album since 2005’s Like Her album.
This new self-titled LP is the product of a new phase of intense songwriting and recording activity for the band. Singer Jeff Oakes and guitarist Matthew Smith wrote most of the songs.
The new album was recorded on analog 8-track tape. Instead of booking time in a conventional studio, the sessions were arranged in a house not far from the old Motown studio. The Volebeats were determined to make the definitive Volebeats album, and they knew from the start that the record would be at least as long as Exile on Main St. or the Beatles’ white album.

1. With You
2. We Don’t Like To Forget
3. Me And You
4. Like You Mean It
5. Things People Say
6. Empty Streets
7. Dream Come True
8. 1000 Miles Of Confusion
9. Walk There
10. I Can Tell
11. Sadness Kicked The Door In
12. What You’ve Been Saying
13. The City That’s Always Asleep
14. See You Tonight
15. Kathleen No
16. You’re Wrong
17. This Is Where I Belong
18. I’m Not Gonna Change My Mind
19. They Don’t Write Back

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