Leeroy Stagger & The Wildflowers :: Live at the Red River Saloon


Veel van de beste Americana wordt gemaakt door Canadezen. Leeroy Stagger maakte met Little Victories een van de meest verrassende CD’s van 2010. Nu is er Live At The Red River Saloon, een dubbele live-CD van Stagger en zijn groep The Wildflowers. Live opgenomen in Heilbronn in 2009. Een overweldigend concert met naast 18 eigen nummers, covers van Bruce Springsteen (Atlantic City) en Tom Petty (Swingin’). Wow!

It’s not that surprising to see a release of a live album by Canadian singer/songwriter Leeroy Stagger and his band The Wildflowers after he had released two studio albums on Blue Rose and after he was touring Germany in fall of 2009.  For those who had been attending one of the shows this 2 CD live set is a great memory and for most of those who haven’t been there it is the best chance to hear what they have missed: An artist whose performance is based on good old rock’n roll, who is absolutely consistent with himself, his musicians and his songs. He is demonstrating all this with his authority, passion and his down-to-earth personality.  Live At The Red River Saloon was recorded on October 22, 2009 in Heilbronn, Germany.  


CD 1
1. Where I Live
2. Petrified World
3. Carol
4. Snowing In Nashville
5. Brothers
6. Stormy
7. Hell Of A Life
8. I Believe In Love
9. Long Way Home

CD 2
1. Jealous And Drunk
2. Sleep Alone
3. Just In Case
4. Another Friday Night
5. Everything Is Real
6. Red Bandana
7. Satellite
8- Atlantic City
9. George’s Blues
10. Swingin’
11. Depression River 
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