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Met Sweet Saint Me bewijst Two Cow Garage uit Columbus, Ohio wederom dat cowpunk een genre is waar nog volop leven in zit. Zanger/gitarist Micah Schnabel is een kruising van Hank Williams en Kurt Cobain. Liedjes die net als in de traditionele country afgeronde verhalen vertellen, deze keer vaak over geweld, en een gitaargeluid en een aanvallende speelstijl die sterk doet denken aan Nirvana. En als Schnabel dan ook nog eens in Jackson Don’t You Worry met hese stem Bruce Springsteen citeert, dan is het feest compleet. Sweet Saint Me is een briljante CD.

Two Cow Garage have undergone quite a number of changes since their inception, when a then 19 year old Micah Schnabel started the band. When Two Cow Garage first started playing and then recording, the band didn’t stray too far from their Alt-Country influences. They put out a number of well received Alt-Country albums and toured non-stop. Over the years and over 5 albums, the band has become less of an Americana act and more of a straight up Rock band. The energy they bring to their recordings and to their live show have found them fans all over the world. With the release of “Sweet Saint Me” in March of 2011 for Europe, the band firmly set themselves as one of independent rock’s most exciting bands.

1. Sally, I’ve Been Shot
2. Sweet Saint Me
3. Lydia
4. Jackson, Don’t You Worry
5. Wanted To Be
6. What Dying Is For
7. Closer To Me
8. Angeline
9. My Great Gatsby
10. Soundtrack To My Summer
11. Lucy And The Butcher Knife
12. Insolent Youth
13. Brothers In Arms

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