The Baseball Project :: Vol. 2 High & Inside


Steve Wynn en Scott McCaughey zijn allebei gek op honkbal. Toen ze daar achterkwamen begonnen ze als hobbygroep The Baseball Project, met drumster Linda Pitmon en R.E.M.’s Peter Buck, en maakten in 2008 een CD met zelfgeschreven liedjes over hun favoriete sport: Vol. 1: Frozen Ropes And Dying Quails. Dat werd zo’n succes dat er wel een vervolg moest komen. Dat heet Volume 2: High And Inside en is wederom een sublieme verzameling honkballiedjes. Met gasten als Steve Berlin (Los Lobos) en Craig Finn (The Hold Steady) is dit superieure gitaarpop, ook voor niet-sportliefhebbers.

Following the success of the outfit’s first album Vol. 1: Frozen Ropes & Dying Quails – the band performed on The Late Show with David Letterman, was featured in the official World Series Program and Sports Illustrated among others – baseball’s sardonic rock chroniclers are back with an even more detailed look at the stories behind the stories of America’s Favorite Pastime.
Baseball fans may have already heard select tracks from the album during the 2010 playoffs. “Don’t Call Them Twinkies,” with lyrics & vocals by Craig Finn of The Hold Steady and music by Steve Wynn, made the internet rounds and rocked Target Field during the Twins’ ill-fated run, becoming the unofficial battle cry of the team’s playoff hopes. The McCaughey-penned “Panda & the Freak” accompanied the S.F. Giants’ more successful bid, following the team all the way to its World Series win. But Craig Finn isn’t the only rock royal (and baseball geek) to grace the tapes of Volume 2.  The album also features guest appearances by Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie, Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, Yo La Tengo’s Ira Kaplan, Chris Funk and John Moen of The Decemberists as well as longtime friend and musical collaborator Robert Lloyd.  

1. 1976
2. Panda and The Freak
3. Fair Weather Fans
4. Don’t Call Them Twinkies
5. Chin Music
6. Buckner’s Bolero
7. Tony (Boston’s Chosen Son)
8. Ichiro Goes to the Moon
9. The Straw that Stirs the Drink
10. Look Out Mom
11. Pete Rose Way
12. Twilight of My Career
13. Here Lies Carl Mays

The Baseball Project Volume 2 _KP
The Baseball Project Volume 2


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