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Op haar tweede CD Mondo Amore is Nicole Atkins uit New Jersey nog steeds die bizarre kruising van Roy Orbison en Loretta Lynn. Ze maakt theatrale popmuziek, schreeuwt en fluistert en lijkt Phil Spector ingehuurd te hebben als producer. Maar altijd schrijft ze echte liedjes met kop en staart en teksten die ergens over gaan (deze keer met name over haar scheidingen van vriend en band). En tussen al het popgeweld zit My Baby Don’t Lie, een zeer geslaagde Faces-achtige rocker. Extra aanbeveling: op War Is Hell zingt Jim James van My Morning Jacket mee. 
“This is the record I‟ve been wanting to make since I was 12,” says Nicole Atkins. “It has so many layers, it‟s able to do whatever it wants without defining itself as one thing.”
It’s been a tumultuous three years since the release of Atkins acclaimed 2007 debut, Neptune City, but the wait has proved worth it. Mondo Amore is a courageous, provocative work, fraught with dramatic tension, sweeping emotions, and musical ambition. With Atkins‟ remarkable voice commanding attention at the forefront, songs like “My Baby Don‟t Lie” and the searing “This Is For Love” capture the raw ache and self-reflective disillusionment of a love gone bad. Daytrotter described Atkins‟ recent session as “a pretty soundtrack to violent waters,” which the New Jersey-born singer/songwriter sees as a spot-on portrayal of the album itself.
“When you listen to it, it feels like a movie,” Atkins says. “From the beginning of it, the first song is „Vultures,‟ which is a perfect intro song to what the actual record is about. And by the time you hear the end, with „The Tower,‟ it‟s almost like your stomach hurts, because you can feel the pain in it.”
Mondo Amore has its genesis in a time of extreme turbulence for Atkins, a period which saw her parting ways with her former (major) label while also dealing with the painful termination of “a relationship that should‟ve ended two years before it actually did.” As if all that weren‟t enough, her former backing. 

Cry Cry Cry
Hotel Plaster
You Come To Me 
My Baby Don’t Lie 
This Is For Love
You Were The Devil
War Is Hell
Heavy Boots 
The Tower.

Wild Honey Pie presents “Hotel Plaster” (BuzzSessions NY)

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