Ben Arnold :: Simplify


Ben Arnold uit Philadelphia is een unieke combinatie van Randy Newman, Allen Toussaint, John Hiatt en Elvis Costello. Op Simplify, zijn zevende CD, trakteert hij ons op tien fraaie eigen liedjes en een onweerstaanbare cover van  John Lennon’s Watching The Wheels, die hij zo bewerkt heeft dat het familie lijkt van Procol Harum’s A Whiter Shade Of Pale. Fraai en spectaculair. 

Ben Arnold from Philadelphia, PA. is one of those highly talented American singer-songwriters and all-around musicians who can make a living as musicians and a name for themselves locally but who is still waiting to make it onto the next level.  Touring with mini-supergroup US Rails in 2010, Ben Arnold starting making waves in Germany – now he has joined the ranks of the Blue Rose family as a solo artist. In spring of 2010 he will play an extensive club tour to promote his label debut Simplify in Germany and establish his name on the scene in one fell swoop!

1. Depend On Love
2. Simplify
3. Slow Learner
4. Baby, Let The Tears Roll Down
5. Love Don’t Lie
6. Fishin’
7. O’ Holy Ghost
8. Breakfast For Dinner
9. Woman’s Intuition
10. Upstate New York Whiteout
11. Watching The Wheels 


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