Black Jake & The Carnies :: Where The Heather Don’t Grow


Led Zeppelin en de Sex Pistols die besluiten om hun gitaar en bas in te ruilen voor accordeon, banjo, viool en mandoline, een week lang naar Bill Monroe luisteren en dan de studio induiken. Nou, dan krijg je de CD Where The Heather Don’t Grow. Het Amerikaanse zestal dat verantwoordelijk is voor deze ongelooflijke muziek heet Black Jake & The Carnies. Op hol geslagen bluegrass en circusmuziek waar de geest van de punk luid rondwaart. Net zo goed als de op hetzelfde terrein opererende .357 String Band. Wilder en vreemder kun je de muziek niet opgediend krijgen.

BLACK JAKE & THE CARNIES is a thrill-a-minute mixture of musical mayhem. Birthed in 2002, this steaming locomotive of twisted traditional instrumentation jumps right off the tracks and just keeps on coming. Dare to look away as the specter of grim death itself is bedecked in flashing lights and multicolored manic extravagance! Resist the mesmerizing lure of stage chaos as you join in the Carnies’ raucous chorus! Risk humiliating defeat and dizzying victory in a savage storm of pan-pigmented plastic projectiles! Black Jake & the Carnies is truly an experience of sight, sound, and thrown objects unlike any other.

Led by pied piper “Black Jake” Zettelmaier on banjo and lead vocals, Black Jake & the Carnies members are Gus Wallace on the fiddle, Zach Pollock on mandolin/vocals, “Jumpin’ Joe” Cooter on the bass guitar, Billy “the Kingpin” LaLonde on drums/washboard/vocals, and J.C. Miller on accordion/ vocals. These nontraditional ne’er-do-wells disinter traditional instruments from their folky tombs, and imbue them with new unnatural life. Jolts of punk, ragtime, blues, and circus music course through every fiber, creating a rampaging “Crabgrass” monster of dynamic energy you can’t ignore. Friend and foe alike can’t help but marvel at their attention-grabbing, foot-stomping, genre-throttling licks.

1. Paper  Outlaw
2. No Diamond Ring
3. Crazy MacCready’s
4. Hunter’s Moon
5. Jasper Watkins
6. Styxferry County
7. Where The Heather Don’t Grow
8. Bone Man
9. Happy Easter To Ya
10. Swing Low 



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