Diana Jones :: High Atmosphere


De liedjes van het Amerikaanse supertalent Diana Jones lijken al eeuwen te bestaan. Ze hebben altijd het karakter van traditionals, hoewel Jones ze bijna allemaal zelf schrijft. Op High Atmosphere, haar buitengewoon intieme akoestische derde CD, toont ze zich de evenknie van Gillian Welch. Twaalf stuk voor stuk geweldige liedjes, maar het trio nummers waar Jim Lauderdale de tweede stem verzorgt, Poverty, Don’t Forget Me en Funeral Singer, springen er nog eens extra uit en maken van High Atmosphere een CD van adembenemende schoonheid.

High Atmosphere, the third album in the remarkable career arc of singer-songwriter/visual artist Diana Jones, hits with the force of a revelation, further deepening an unprecedented body of work that began in 2006 with My Remembrance of You and continued with 2009‟s Better Times Will Come. On her new release  recorded entirely live with simpatico musicians at Quad studios in Nashville, this single-minded artist continues to hew to an austere, plainspoken aesthetic, yet its timelessly homespun frameworks are embedded with distinctly topical subject matter. As Bill Friskics-Warren so aptly pointed out in his New York Times profile, Jones “approaches the mountain-ballad tradition not as a curiosity or antique but as a renewable vernacular that‟s just as capable of speaking to the human condition now as it was 80 years ago.”

“The songs I write,” says Jones, who has a second career as a portrait artist, “are informed by my experiences within a certain time frame, so they become a sort of world within themselves. For this new record, I was on the road a lot, trying to catch up to myself and the things that were happening in my life. This was very different from my previous experiences. For example, I wrote most of the songs on My Remembrance of You in a cabin in Massachusetts by myself. Then I was mining really old things, focusing on the traditional, whereas these songs happened to me as life happened to me.”

1. I Don’t Know
2. Sister
3. I Told The Man
4. Little Lamb
5. Poverty
6. My Love Is Gone
7. Don’t Forget Me
8. Funeral Singer
9. Poor Heart
10. Drug For This
11. Motherless Children  



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