The Silos :: Florizona


The Silos zijn de band van Walter Salas-Humara, wiens ouders Cuba ontvluchtten en neerstreken in Florida. Met zo’n achtergrond is het niet meer dan logisch, als je ook nog eens een liefhebber van countrymuziek bent, dat je iets tamelijk unieks creëert. Op de nieuwe CD Florizona maakt Salas-Humara stevige pop die soms doet denken aan Television (het fantastische gitaarwerk in Coming From The Grave), Velvet Underground en Little Steven (het soulachtige On Your Way Home). Florizona is de zoveelste parel in de kroon van Salas-Humara en The Silos.

A Cuban-American whose parents fled Castro’s Havana with him still in the womb, Walter Salas-Humara was raised bilingual just across the Florida Straits in Fort Lauderdale. College at University of Florida in Gainesville and a residency with the Vulgar Boatmen left him with a lifelong habit of Mudcrutch/Tom Petty-style crunchy guitar riffs. Chasing the punk prairie fire to New York just in time to sift through the ashes, he formed The Silos in 1985 with guitarist Bob Rupe and violinist Mary Rowell, plugging the main cable of American rock idiom into the jerry-rigged soundboard of Velvets-era feral experimentalism. The unlikely result, as evidenced by About Her Steps (1986), the seminal Cuba (1987) and their RCA debut The Silos (i.e., The One with the Bird on the Cover, 1990) was a loose-limbed conceptual country-rock that in turn influenced (if not outright inspired) the alt-country No Depression movement just around the corner. The band was voted Best New American Band in Rolling Stone Magazine’s Critics’ Poll of 1987 and appeared on Late Night with David Letterman in 1990.


Coming From The Grave
On Your Way Home
White Vinyl
Teenage Prayer
Hold You In My Arms
Getting Trashed
Election Day
Never Lost The Sunshine
The Ring Of Trees




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