Baskery :: New Friends


De drie blonde zusjes Bondesson komen uit Stockholm, noemen zich Baskery en slaan genadeloos hard toe op hun tweede CD New Friends. Tien zelfgeschreven liedjes die moeilijk onder één noemer te vangen zijn, maar die je grofweg als experimentele en stevige poppy Americana zou kunnen omschrijven. Echt heel bijzonder.

Baskery! It’s about time a wind of change from up north swept through the Blue Rose label and its male-dominated roster. Baskery from Stockholm are an all-girl trio consisting of sisters Sunniva, Greta and Stella Bondesson. They are not only three very attractive Swedish blondes but also an exciting live act. With their brand-new second studio album New Friends they deliver a musical power package containing influences from Americana-Land and a whole lot more.

01. Shame On
02. Nobody’s Really Nice
03. The Queen And The Drone
04. Rivers
05. Mortal
06. Throw Me A Bone
07. Rotten
08. Beat Up The Blues
09. As Simple As This
10. Tendencies



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