Larkin Poe :: Band For All Seasons [4-cd box]


In 2010 brachten Rebecca & Megan Lovell onder de naam Larkin Poe vier mini-CD’s uit: Spring, Summer, Fall en Winter. Allercharmantste Americana, geworteld in bluegrass en country met wat jazzy uitstapjes. Ingenieuze meerstemmige vocalen, veelal akoestisch gespeelde mooie eigen liedjes (met uitzondering van twee covers, van Blind Willie Johnson en Massive Attack). Die CD’s zijn nu uitgebracht in een mooi boxje: Band For All Seasons.

“A Band for all seasons” is a collection of 4 minialbums from Larkin Poe, each named after their own season. The two Lovell Sisters Megan and Rebecca desided to start Larkin Poe in the beginnig of 2010 after the end of The Lovell Sisters.
They had a lot of songs already finished and desided to dedicate 2010 to develop Larkin Poe and at the same time let their listeners follow them along the way by recording and releasing material all through the year and its seasons.

1. Long Hard Fall
2. We intertwine
3. Burglary
4. To myself
5. Shadows of ourselves
6. The Principle of silver lining
7. Ball and Chain
8. Nothin’ but air
9. Fairbanks Alaska
10. Praying for the bell
11. Sea song
12. Wrestling a stranger
13. Natalie
14. Enough of you
15. By the pier
16. In my time of dying (live)
17. The Principle of silver lining (live)
18. Teardrop (live)
19. Memories
20. Horseshoes and handgranades
21. Just in case
22. Spooked
23. It gets better as you og
24. Fall from the tree
25. Desert dream
26. Taller far then a tall man
27. Cure for the common cold
28. Word from the wise
29. Free like a bird
30. Trance
31. This Girl




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