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De Wild Moccasins komen weliswaar uit Houston, Texas, maar klinken zeer Engels. Speelse, soms wat melancholieke popmuziek die herinneringen oproept aan The Smiths. New West heeft hun eerste EP, uit 2009, en hun eerste CD, uit 2010, op een schijfje gezet. Skin Collision Past is bijna een uur lang genieten van een band waar we in de toekomst nog veel van gaan horen.
Do yourself a favor. Search Wild Moccasins on Youtube or Flickr or any similar website. You will find a youthful quintet from Houston, Texas, America’s 4th largest city, utterly overjoyed by performing. You will then notice the fans, exuberant Millenials smiling ear-to-ear, absolutely euphoric at what they see onstage. In an era in which the blogosphere often selects the next big thing out of thin air, Wild Moccasins bolsters its name old-fashioned way: playing live. Persistence and hard work have helped the band build a feverish local base in its hometown one individual at a time. Now, Houstonians are hard pressed to squeeze into one of Wild Moccasins’ regularly sold-out, enthusiastic live performances.

Skin Collision Past
It’s Health & My Own
Late Night Television
Psychic China
Born Blonde
Chapter Four
Shiny Strings
Fruit Tea
Spanish & Jazz
My Favorites 

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