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Jimmie Vaughan’s CD Plays Blues, Ballads & Favorites, een liefdevolle verzameling covers, werd in 2010 een onverwacht groot succes. En dus is er, nauwelijks een jaar later, Plays More Blues, Ballads & Favorites. Wederom een in thuisstad Austin opgenomen en fantastisch gespeelde verzameling covers van een van de beste gitaristen ter wereld die met de Fabulous Thunderbirds al bewees dat er tussen blues, rhythm & blues, soul en country eigenlijk geen verschil bestaat. Goede muziek is goede muziek en goede liedjes zijn goede liedjes. Dit is muziek van een liefhebber voor andere liefhebbers. Met twee nummers van Bobby Charles, een van Hank Williams, een van Ray Charles en twee van de onbekende r&b-zangeres Annie Laurie uit New Orleans. Fenomenale CD.

For Jimmie Vaughan, too much of a good thing is a concept that simply doesn’t exist. The legendary Texan guitar dynamo was so pleased with the response to his 2010 album BLUES, BALLADS AND FAVORITES that he decided to follow it up with a brand new collection he’s calling, what else but MORE BLUES, BALLADS AND FAVORITES!
Packed with 16 covers of classic tunes that are close to his heart, the album, recorded, like the previous one, in his hometown of Austin, Texas, reunites Vaughan with the same cast of musicians that helped him out on the previous set. Also returning for round two, to assist with the vocals, is Lou Ann Barton, whose powerful pipes grace several tunes on the new release.
Jimmie Vaughan, who first came to prominence as co-founder of Texas blues-rock band the Fabulous Thunderbirds in the ’70s has certainly earned the right to do whatever he wants whenever he wants to do it. Since he was a kid, Vaughan has dedicated his life to mastering his axe and reminding folks what American music is all about, music, he says, that need not be categorized.
On MORE BLUES, BALLADS AND FAVORITES, bringing it all together is exactly what Jimmie Vaughan does. From the opening track I Ain’t Never, to the closer, the Faye Adams rouser Shake a Hand, Vaughan and his like-minded pals keep things rockin’ and rollin’.

I Ain’t Never
No Use Knocking
Teardrop Blues
I Hang My Head And Cry
It’s Been A Long Time
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
What Makes You So Tough
I’m In The Mood For You
I Ain’t Gonna Do It No More
Cried Like A Baby
Oh Oh Oh
I’m Gonna Love You
Rains Came
Bad Bad Whiskey
Shake A Hand

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