Fountains Of Wayne :: Sky Full Of Holes


De vijfde CD van het Amerikaanse kwartet Fountains Of Wayne, Sky Full Of Holes, is een geweldige collectie van 13 popliedjes. Want dat kunnen ze als geen ander: drie minuten durende liedjes schrijven met een catchy melodie, aanstekelijke hooks en memorabele teksten (let speciaal op het tragikomische Richie And Ruben). Pure pop voor mensen van nu, om Nick Lowe maar weer eens te citeren.

Fountains Of Wayne’s long-awaited new album, Sky Full Of Holes, will be released by Lojinx in Europe on the 1st of August. This is the acclaimed band’s rst new release since 2007’s Trac And Weather. Recorded in New York City, Sky Full Of Holes features 13 new songs by Chris Collingwood and Adam Schlesinger, ranging from high-energy power pop to intimate, acoustic-driven ballads. Songs like The Summer Place and Richie And Ruben showcase the band’s renowned storytelling abilities and -air for creatingmemorable characters; elsewhere, they take a more impressionistic approach, as in the shimmering Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart and the elegiac Cemetery Guns (a lyric from which provides the album’s title). In signature FOW fashion, the album manages to be simultaneously witty and wistful, imaginative and personal.


1. The Summer Place
2. Richie And Ruben
3. Acela
4. Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart
5. Action Hero
6. A Dip In The Ocean
7. Cold Comfort Flowers
8. A Road Song
9. Workingman’s Hands
10. Hate To See You Like This
11. Radio Bar
12. Firelight Waltz
13. Cemetery Guns




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