Parsons Thibaud :: Transcontinental Voices


Na een lange afwezigheid zijn Joseph Parsons en Todd Thibaud terug met Transcontinental Voices, een reuzenstap voorwaarts in vergelijking met hun debuut. Parsons is de folkie, Thibaud de ongekroonde koning van de roots pop. Hun stemmen kleuren wonderschoon bij elkaar en luisteren naar het openingsnummer Hands Of Love zal voor iedereen reden zijn onmiddellijk naar de winkel te hollen en deze pracht-CD van de Simon & Garfunkel van de 21ste eeuw aan te schaffen.

Transcontinental Voices heralds the return of two Blue Rose veterans. Singer/songwriters JOSEPH PARSONS and TODD THIBAUD have been members of the label family since the late 90ies, having released a host of solo albums and some band projects on Blue Rose. But as often as their paths have crossed onstage, they have rarely recorded together. The semi-legendary quartet Hardpan that caused quite a stir in 2002/03 comes to mind and their acoustic duo debut, consisting of old and new material, recorded impromptu shortly before a joint tour of Germany. After a four-year break, PARSONS THIBAUD are now picking up steam to present Transcontinental Voices, a formidable team effort with a beautiful feel-good vibe.

1. Hands Of Love
2. The Natural Way
3. Broken Sparrow
4. Gaze
5. So Unkind
6. Drowning
7. I’m Right Here
8. Float
9. All That I Can Do
10. Loaded Guns 




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