The Cubical :: It Ain’t Human


The Cubical komt uit Liverpool, maar maakt zeer Amerikaanse muziek. Op It Ain’t Human, hun tweede CD, stijgen ze naar onverwacht grote hoogte. Dit is blues zoals blues van deze tijd dient te klinken. Een snoeihard monsterverbond van Howlin’ Wolf, Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits en de Rolling Stones. Goede liedjes, fantastisch spel en vijf sterren zang van Dan Wilson. Swingender zal het dit jaar niet meer worden.  
The Cubical are based in Liverpool and have spent the last few years building up an amazing reputation as one of Europe’s best live bands and have an ever growing cult following. The Cubical sound is one that is essentially based in the blues, but like Captain Beefheart, Zappa and Tom Waits before them they twist it around and shake it up and inevitably end up with something altogether a little weirder. A Cubical live show has been likened to a “rock n roll medicine show,” an assault on the senses. Not only are your eyes glued to the chaotic dancing of the 6 foot five Wilson, indefatigable Gavaghan and charismatic hard man Green but the interwoven Telecaster twang, wailing harmonica, incessant pounding bass and drums, are all topped off by one of the gruffest and most distinctive blues howls since the Wolf himself. 

01. Dirty Shame
02. Rag Time Army  
03. Are We Just Lovers   
04. Walking Around Like Jesus
05. Falling Down 
06. Worry
07. An Ode To Franz Biberkopf  
08. Something New
09. Paper Walls
10. Three Drop Jameson Mechanism   
11. The Myth Of Willie McGrath    

 Label: Halfpenny / Self

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