Deadman :: Take Up Your Mat And Walk


Na een overigens smakelijke tussendoortje eerder dit jaar, Live At the Saxon Pub, komt Deadman nu met Take Up Your Mat & Walk. En daarmee overtreft het zesmansgezelschap uit Dallas onder leiding van Steven Collins zichzelf. Dit is een buitengewoon geslaagde poging om de ultieme Americana-muziek te maken. Het grote voorbeeld is The Band, maar door er ook een scheut Ryan Adams aan toe te voegen is Take Up Your Mat & Walk een meesterwerk geworden. Betere liedjes heeft Collins nooit geschreven en hechter heeft Deadman nooit geklonken.  
Deadman are not a new outfit, they’re a band with a history. Or rather, their frontman Steven Collins has a history. He hails from Dallas, Texas and started the first formation of Deadman twelve years ago. A quartet with his wife Sherilyn on keys released a regional EP and in 2002 their full-length debut Paramour. Although the album was helmed by a high-caliber producer in Daniel Lanois-disciple Mark Howard (Chris Whitley, Vic Chesnutt, Lucinda Williams, Tito & Tarantula), it soon disappeared from record store shelves. The follow-up Our Eternal Ghost from 2005, also produced by Howard, was released on the renowned One Little Indian label. It focused – not only on the cover – on the husband & wife team Collins and marked a change of direction towards and duo folk comparable to that of Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion. It took until 2008 until Deadman were heard of again – after Steven Collins had separated from his wife and moved to the ever-burgeoning musical hotbed of Austin, Texas. In the summer of 2008 Severe Mercy was released. The lyrics came fast with lots of relationship and separation issues to deal with – the album has a sad atmosphere with a sound & production style reminiscent of Daniel Lanois. As such, Severe Mercy dealt with the past but was also a step forward. 


1  If I Lay Down In The River
2  Till The Morning Comes
3  Don’t Do This
4  This Old World’s Not Gonna Change
5  Oh Delilah!
6  I’m Not Who You Think I Am
7  Ain’t No Music
8  Gilead
9  We All Need Love
10 Take Up Your Mat And Walk 



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