Butch Walker & The Black Widows :: The Spade


Butch Walker uit Rome, Georgia is een veelgevraagde en gewaardeerde producer voor dames die hits nodig hebben zoals Avril Lavigne, Pink en Katy Perry. Maar daarnaast heeft hij zijn Black Widows met wie hij superieure pop maakt. Op The Spade staan tien ijzersterke nummers die concurreren met de beste powerpop bands uit de jaren tachtig: The Knack, The Romantics, The Plimsouls. Erg goed.   
“so this is the part of the bio where I’m supposed to describe the new record by us called “The Spade”. I’m supposed to inject words about the songs like “soaring”, “pounding”, “climactic”, and maybe even a “unrivaled”…… But I just can’t talk like that about my own music. But what I can say is, just like my bass paying   skills….. It’s fucking awesome. we will be on the road this year a lot, and probably sleeping at many KOA   campgrounds this fall. More than likely, you are reading this because you don’t know shit about me and you   are about to interview me for your school paper or local radio station visit (yes, im in the lobby) and you   need to nd out a few things about me to talk about. It’s ok. I’m not mad. I’m not very popular and I don’t   blame you if you “just aren’t into the music”. You may not have read this far, or been able to get past the bass playing part, but if you have, then I commend you. Let’s talk….

1. Bodegas And Blood
2. Every Single Body Else
3. Summer Of ‘89
4. Sweethearts
5. Day Drunk
6. Synthesizers
7. Dublin Crow
8. Closest Thing To You I’m Gonna Find
9. Bullet Belt
10. Suckerpunch 




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