Cowboy Junkies :: The Wilderness: The Nomad Series Vol. 4


The Nomad Series is inmiddels een indrukwekkende collectie muziek van Cowboy Junkies die ooit begon met de reis van Michael Timmins naar China. Op The Wilderness – The Nomad Series Volume 4 grijpt hij terug naar de periode daarvoor. Dit zijn de liedjes die Timmins schreef toen hij zich teruggetrokken had in een blokhut in de wildernis. Het resultaat is waarlijk adembenemend mooi en triest, met zangeres Margo Timmins in topvorm. Hypnotiserende en kwetsbare muziek. Er is op dit moment geen spannendere en grensverleggendere band dan de Cowboy Junkies. De Velvet Underground van de 21ste eeuw.   
I began work on many of the songs that found their way onto The Wilderness in late 2007 and early 2008, months before my family and I took off for China, the trip that would inspire Renmin Park, the album that would kick off The Nomad Series. Some friends of mine had graciously given me the use of their writers’ retreat, an old crumbling cottage perched high upon the Niagara Escarpment about one hour north of Toronto. I spent several days a month, over the course of that winter, huddled by the enormous woodstove, watching the snow drift and the birds come into the feeders, plunking away on my J200, trying to figure out what direction our next album should take.

1  Unanswered Letter (For JB) 
2  Idle Tales
3  We Are The Selfish Ones
4  Angels In The Wilderness
5  Damaged From The Start 
6  Fairytale
7  Staring Man 
8  The Confession Of Georgie E 
9  I Let Him In
10  Fuck, I Hate The Cold.  


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