Sons Of Bill :: Sirens


Het hart van de Sons Of Bill uit Charlottesville, Virginia wordt gevormd door de broers James, Sam en Abe Wilson. En hun vader heet Bill, vandaar de groepsnaam. Op Sirens, geproduceerd door David Lowery, klinken ze nog volmaakter en ook wat steviger dan op voorganger One Town Away. Dit is Wilco en Son Volt en R.E.M. zoals R.E.M. alleen klonk in zijn hoogtijdagen. Eigenzinnig, melodieus, wonderschoon en met ballen.


Keyword: Americana Rock. In a time when the lines between classic country, 70ies rock, Alt.Americana and No Depression get blurred and at the same time commercial country is crossing over into rock & pop, it becomes increasingly difficult for a young band to stand out with original, identifiable, enduring material. SONS OF BILL from Charlottesville, Virginia manage to do so with ease and deliver further proof with their brand-new album Sirens. They continue their exceptional winning streak which started with a strong debut, followed by a formidable second outing and culminates (for now) in a terrific third act. Sirens contains everything a fan could have hoped for and will certainly catapult Sons Of Bill to even greater success!

1  Santa Ana Winds
2  Find My way Back Home
3  Siren Song
4  Angry Eyes
5  Turn It Up
6  The Tree
7  Life In Shambles
8  This Losing Fight
9  Radio Can’t Rewind
10 Last Call At The Eschaton
11 Virginia Calling 
Sons Of Bill Sirens – Blue Rose – bio

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