Drew Landry :: Sharecropper’s Whine


Sharecropper’s Whine is pas de eerste CD van Drew Landry die in Europa wordt uitgebracht. Beter laat dan nooit, zullen we maar zeggen. Want de zeventien fel realistische eigen nummers op Sharecropper’s Whine komen aan als een mokerslag. De man uit Louisiana blijkt een enorm talent te zijn. Dit is rootsmuziek met ballen. Verplichte kost voor liefhebbers van Fred Eaglesmith, John Mellencamp en John Hiatt.  
“Tellin’ my stories, playin’ my songs.” DREW LANDRY has established himself as one of the biggest talents on the singer-songwriter/Americana scene … in Louisiana. Landry is so deeply rooted and so active in his native region that his fame hasn’t spread much farther. However, a ten-part film series on YouTube brought him a lot of new followers and the release of his third album Sharecropper’s Whine on Blue Rose Records will give him a chance to launch an international career on the EuroAmericana scene. This amazing record demonstrates his artistic potential and shows that he is a unique character who will fit right into the rootsy heart of his new label.

1. Strength of A Song
2. Share Cropper’s Whine
3. Jouvenile Deliquent
4. Lap of Luxury
5. Oceans Apart
6. Outwest
7. Carry My Cross
8. Take My Place
9. Over There
10. Goproof
11. Sangre De Jesus
12. Conspiracy Theory
13. Open Range
14. 3rd World Country Blues
15. Make It Rhyme
16. Last Man Standin’
17. Gone Home  


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