Morgan O’Kane :: Pendulum


Morgan O’Kane haalt het beste naar boven bij journalisten. ‘Als Uncle Dave Macon zou trouwen met Bruce Springsteen dan zou Morgan O’Kane hun kind zijn,’ zegt Michael Jonathan. ‘Als Jimi Hendrix de banjo speelde, dan zou dat klinken als O’Kane,’ schrijft The Record. Eerlijk is eerlijk, de muziek van O’Kane op Pendulum is inderdaad bijzonder en ronduit sensationeel. Opzwepende bluegrass, wilde zang, ruwe eigen liedjes. Een van de meest speciale CD’s van het jaar.


Every so often, just when you think the well is dry and the tradition is dead, you are gratefully reminded that there is still water down there and that the tradition was only sleeping. Morgan O’Kane from Charlottesville, Virginia is one of those reminders. A virtuoso banjo player, shouter and activist now based in New York City, Morgan recalls two other transplanted legendary southern artists; Reverend Gary Davis and Aunt Molly Jackson. Like the reverend, Morgan honed his skills making a living as a busking street artist. Like Aunt Molly, he has kept his connection to his Appalachian home and its issues, taking part in the campaign to ban mountaintop removal mining, which destroys the land and the people who live on it.

1. Hello Soul
2. Remember Me
3. Hold Your Fire
4. It Won’t Be Long
5. Penn Avenue
6. Turkish Canal
7. Hello And Go
8. Go Diving
9. Pendulum
10. Railroad Blues
11. Mary Mary
12. Rain Rain
13. Deep Mine
14. Gold



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