Criolo :: No Na Orelha


De Braziliaanse Rolling Stone koos No Na Orelha van Criolo als beste album van 2011. In eigen land is de in totale armoede opgegroeide en inmiddels 36-jarige Criolo een superster. No Na Orelha is de CD die hem moet laten doorbreken in Europa. De kans van slagen is groot want hij maakt een unieke mix van hiphop, r&b,  Zuid-Amerikaanse ritmes en maatschappijkritische teksten. Dansbaar, opgewekt en ook intens. Houd Criolo in de gaten!

His new album Nó Na Orelha (‘Knot In The Ear’) is one of the most successful Brazilian releases of 2011 and a remarkable break-through by an underground name to the mainstream spotlight. Completely selfpenned,   it was produced by Marcelo Cabral and celebrated Nação Zumbi producer Daniel Ganjaman (of the Instituto Collective). When the three got together it quickly became apparent that Criolo’s notoriously prolific song-writing could take the project to new dimensions beyond hip hop. The record was made with an entirely independent ethos, there was no record label involved, and support came from local not-for-profit arts collective Martilha Cultural. Made in an atmosphere of low-budget solidarity and creative freedom, none of them knew they were about to cut one of the albums of the year.

1. Bogotá 4:40
2. Subirusdoistiozin 3:34
3. Não Existe Amor Em SP 4:41
4. Mariô 3:37
5. Freguês Da Meia Noite 4:10
6. Grajauex 2:36
7. Samba Sambei 3:43
8. Sucrilhos 4:00
9. Lion Man 3:25
10.Linha De Frente 4:30
11.Samba Sambei (Dub Mix) 3:41

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