The Levellers :: Static On The Airwaves


De Levellers uit het Engelse Brighton zijn uniek. Hun wortels liggen in de folk, maar daar hebben ze op organische wijze symfonische rock, punk en zelfs hardrock in verwerkt. Op hun tiende studio-CD Static On The Airwaves klinken ze nog even vitaal als in hun begintijd. En de nieuwe nummers zijn buitengewoon geslaagd. We Are All Gunmen is zelfs een instant klassieker. In oktober 2012 doen ze Nederland aan en dat wordt een feest.  


The Levellers’ new album sees the band in as militant a mood as ever. “Static On The Airwaves” portrays a continent in crisis. The first single, “Truth Is”, was inspired by the impressions which the British outfit gathered on visits to Athens. “The politicians and bankers have dumped all the burdens on those at the bottom of the pile,” says singer Mark Chadwick. “They’re now paying for the havoc caused by others.” The Levellers are still angry. The Brighton-based folk-punk band are unrivalled in their commitment to the principles of liberty as they doggedly pursue the fight for equality, understanding and freedom. No other musicians occupy such a hard-edged position on capitalism, display such a rabble-rousing approach in their lyrics and music. But this is only one side of “Static On The Airwaves”. Where there is injustice, there is also hope: “We’ve got a lot of different stories on the album, and most of them are told from a highly personal standpoint,” says Chadwick of the album’s general tenor. “They are real stories about real people, and there’s hope even in their darkest moments.”

1.  Static On The Airwaves
2.  We Are All Gunmen
3.  Truth Is
4.  After The Hurricane
5.  Our Forgotten Towns
6.  No Barriers
7.  Alone In The Darkness
8.  Raft Of The Medusa
9.  Mutiny
10. Traveller
11. Second Life
12. The Recruiting Sergeant



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