Hellsingland Underground :: Evil Will Prevail


Hälsingland is een uitgestrekt en dunbevolkt gebied in Zweden. En daar komt de groep Hellsingland Underground vandaan. Evil Will Prevail is hun derde CD en die klinkt heel bijzonder. Dromerige popmuziek, bijzondere liedjes, fraai gespeeld. In Duitland zijn ze inmiddels al doorgebroken, dankzij de ronduit bizarre hoes zou dat met Evil Will Prevail in Nederland ook moeten lukken.

Ever since the formation of the band, Hellsingland Underground’s vision has always been to create music with longevity and depth. The myths and rumours around this band began already in the summer of 2006 after the band’s first gig, at an illegal festival, deep in the woods of Hälsingland, where they sold moonshine straight from 10 litre plastic containers. A myth that have kept growing for every album. Earlier reviews has celebrated the band’s production, the self-revealing lyrics, the harmonies and the pure joy of playing music that can be heard in everything they do. They have shown that you can be serious without being pretentious. Maybe due to the wait, the struggle and years of reality in between.

1. Singing While The World Dies
2. The Lost River Band
3. Evil Will Prevail
4. Black Clouds On The Horizon
5. You Shine The Dark Away
6. King Of Nothing
7. In The Evening
8. Midsummer’s Wreath Meltdown
9. I Just Don’t Believe in Love
10. They All Grew Old While I Grew Young



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