Carolyn Mark :: The Queen Of Vancouver Island


De Canadese Carolyn Mark vormde ooit en duo met de koningin van de Neko Case. Om tamelijk onverklaarbare redenen heeft Mark nooit de Case-status bereikt. Hopelijk brengt The Queen Of Vancouver Island daar verandering in. Dat zou niet meer dan terecht zijn, want het is haar meest experimentele en tegelijk meest toegankelijke CD. Country met een draai. Van de kippenvel-opener Poor Farmers tot de semi-serieuze afsluiter You’re Not A Whore (If No One’s Paying), het is van a tot z geweldig. Let ook op de Elvis Presley-cover (Flaming Star).

Exhausted and emotionally crushed by the failure of my first band and the ensuing two year bender, I attempted to find solace in the rehearsal spaces of other bands such as: Hat Head, The Fixin’s, The Show Business Giants, The Metronome Cowboys, The Corn Sisters (a duo with label-mate Miss Neko Case), Monster Tweety, and Klugman. But eventually, while hiding under the bed at one of our neverending house parties, I decided to use my own name when I played. So far it’s been a good idea – I’m not married to any one style of music, I can play solo or with a band depending on the money or my mood, and it’s almost impossible for me to break up with myself. Those curious about my “sound” will just have to listen to the record I guess. If you are a newspaper sort who doesn’t know what to say, I’ve never had a problem with the words “lovely and talented.”


1. Poor Farmers
2. The Queen of Vancouver Island
3. Baby Goats
4. Not Talk
5. Best Friend
6. Flaming Star
7. Nobody(’s Perfect)
8. Mellie’s Book
9. Not Like the Movies
10. The Cereal is the Prize
11. Old Whores
12. You’re not a Whore (if no one’s paying)




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