The Departed :: Adventus


The-Departed-Adventus--coverDe vorige CD van The Departed uit Amerika, toen nog opererend onder de naam Cody Canada & The Departed, was een stevig rootsrock album. Op hun nieuwe CD, Adventus, hebben ze niet alleen de naam van hun leider laten vallen, ze hebben ook afscheid genomen van de country-invloeden. De hoes van Adventus, een foto gemaakt tijdens een Led Zeppelin-concert van een politieman met een kogel in het oor tegen de geluidsoverlast, geeft de nieuwe richting aan: harde gedreven rock. Wat gebleven is, zijn de lekkere liedjes. Het eindresultaat is een totale verrassing en waanzinnig goed.

The second album by the band formerly known as Cody Canada & The Departed. They are now standing on their own feet with no need to use their frontman’s name anymore just to be recognized. That’s why the album is called Adventus – Arrival. The band have found their identity and it’s a loud one! The cover delivers an unmistakable warning: The photo of the cop with a bullet in his ear is a famous one (“Fire”) by Carl Dunn, one of rock music’s leading photographers with a fondness for Led Zeppelin. During a particularly loud concert in Ft. Worth/Tx., the security men were advised to protect themselves using this unusual measure … Led Zeppelin have never used the picture so thanks to the friendship between Dunn and Cody Canada, THE DEPARTED were now able to put it to good use. Adventus marks a clear departure from the band’s former red dirt sound, from Texas rock, roots and Americana. This is all about straight, hard, electrified rock’n’roll that’ll instantly make its way straight into your ears – unless, of course, they’re filled with bullets.


1. Worth The Fight
2. Burden
3. Prayer For The Lonely
4. Blackhorse Mary
5. Hard To Find
6. Hobo
7. Flagpole
8. Cold Hard Fact
9. Demons
10. Set It Free
11. Better Get Right
12. 250,000 Things
13. Mark It Wrong
14. Sweet Lord



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