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Resentments-coverDe ultieme samenstelling van de Texaanse Resentments was die met Jon Dee Graham en Stephen Bruton. Graham heeft de laatste jaren andere dingen te doen, Bruton is helaas dood. Om nog een keer te genieten van deze gelegenheidsband in volle glorie is er nu Welcome To Our Living Room – Live At The Lab In Stuttgart. Topmuzikanten in topvorm. Twee CD’s en een DVD. Rock, blues, country, dit is een grenzeloos feest. Een ongelooflijk fraai pakketje muziek. 


Some things take a little longer than planned – but they’re worth waiting for! The release of this live album by Blue Rose’s legendary band THE RESENTMENTS literally took years – but it’s a most remarkable musical document, a top quality package that lives up to the band’s legacy. The Resentments live on December 7, 2006 – six years ago – at Stuttgart’s Laboratorium, the city’s oldest live music venue, brings together one of this remarkable band’s most magic moments on two CDs and one DVD. And it provides us with nostalgia for this wonderful Texas band in its original formation that will never (be able to) play together again.

The Resentments

CD 1
1.Sole Satisfaction
2.Plain And Simple
3.Coming Down
4.Jesse Taylor
5.Just A Fever
6.Damaged Goods
7.People Ask Me
9.Heart Of Hearts
10.State Of Distraction
11.Demolition Girl
12.Something Wonderful
13.Nobody Gets Hurt
16.Everybody’s Talkin’

CD 2
1.Teach Me How To Stay
2.You And Your Lady
4.Swept Away
5.Getting Over You
6.She Gives Me Religion
7.Too Much Monkey Business
8.Tip Me Over
10.I Do My Drinking On The Weekends
12.Several Thousand
13.Big Sweet Life

1.Sole Satisfaction
2.Plain And Simple
3.Coming Down
4.Jesse Taylor
5.Heart Of Hearts
6.State Of Distraction
7.Demolition Girl
8.Something Wonderful
9.Nobody Gets Hurt
12.Everybody’s Talkin’
13.Teach Me How To Stay
14.You And Your Lady
16.Swept Away
17.Just A Fever
18.Damaged Goods
19.People Ask Me
21.Getting Over You
22.She Gives Me Religion
23.Too Much Monkey Business
24.Tip Me Over
26.I Do My Drinking On The Weekends

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