Shooter Jennings :: The Other Life


shootyThe Other Life is de meest veelzijdige en avontuurlijke CD die Shooter Jennings heeft uitgebracht. Wild And Lonesome, met een ijzingwekkende tweede stem van Patty Griffin, is pure country, de Nilsson-cover Flying Saucer Song is psychedelica, A Hard Lesson To Learn Rolling Stones-rock en The Low Road zou een topper in het werk van Bruce Springsteen kunnen zijn. Wat het geheel bindt en ronduit fantastisch maakt is de totale overgave waarmee Jennings, zoon van Waylon Jennings en Jessi Colter, al die stijlen tackelt. Muziek met een hart en een ziel.

Shooter Jennings, a great musician with an even greater name, is new on Blue Rose Records. His new album The Other Life is the 7th release of this charismatic artist who is on the one hand a part of the big music biz – with releases on Universal and E1 –but is musically a complete free thinker moving between and hard & heavy, southern rock, honky tonk and classic outlaw country. After years of stylistic experiments he has settled in New York City and seems to have found a musical home in generation-spanning Americana where rock and country influences can both be explored. In The Other Life Shooter Jennings brings many of his influences together in an excellent sequence of strong original songs and unusual covers – his best album yet.


1. Flying Saucer Song
2. A Hard Lesson To Learn
3. The White Trash Song (feat. Scott H. Biram)
4. Wild & Lonesome (feat. Patty Griffin)
5. Outlaw You
6. The Other Life
7. The Low Road
8. Mama, It’s Just My Medicine
9. The Outsider
10. 15 Million Light-Years Away (feat. Jim Dandy)
11. The Gunslinger

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