Lloyd Cole :: Standards


Lloyd-Cole--Standards--coverIn 1984 verscheen Rattlesnakes van Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, een Britse folkpop-klassieker. In 2013 is er Standards, de elfde solo-CD van Cole. Het is een glorieuze terugkeer na een drie jaar durende stilte. Het is ook Cole op zijn meest Amerikaans. De opener is California Earthquake, een cover van een nummer dat Mama Cass ruim veertig jaar geleden opnam en dat nu klinkt als Lou Reed en de Velvet Underground. Verder klinkt in Period Piece de bewondering voor Bob Dylan door en is Myrtle And Rose een van de allermooiste liedjes ooit. Het maakt van Standards een onbetwist meesterwerk.

Dark arts aside, a rebirth is in essence unexpected. Just ask Lloyd Cole, who back in September of last year had not an inkling of the burst of songwriting creativity that was to be unleashed upon him. Asked by Salon.com to review the new Bob Dylan album Tempest, Cole was prepared to pen a respectful apology after an afternoon of mild disappointment. But that isn’t what happened. “It’s not the best record he’s ever made, but it has an inspirational vibrancy that is astonishing for someone at that age. 72! I took it as a kick up the backside. I’d been languishing. Some years I wouldn’t even write a song. But when I heard that record, I thought, Damn! I’ve got all these notebooks full of ideas. What would happen if I just worked on them bloody hard and made a record?” The answer is his new album Standards, arguably the best thing he has made since his groundbreaking debut with the band The Commotions, 1984’s Rattlesnakes. For the last ten years Lloyd has pursued a quieter path not least on his last album 2010’s folk-country-styled Broken Record. Where that fine album presents the acoustic, wooden Lloyd, his new album Standards is gleamingly, brazenly electric.


California Earthquake
Women’s Studies
Period Piece
Myrtle and Rose
No Truck
Blue Like Mars
Opposites Day
Silver Lake
It’s Late
Kids Today
Diminished Ex




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