Tom Russell and the Norwegian Wind Ensemble :: Aztec Jazz


TOM RUSSELL cover artIn mei 2012 in het Noorse Halden gaf Tom Russell een uniek concert, begeleid door gitarist Thad Beckman en het 32-koppige Norwegian Wind Ensemble. Het resultaat heet Aztec Jazz en is verbluffend, qua geluid enigszins vergelijkbaar met Miles Davis’ Sketches Of Spain. Russell put vooral uit zijn recente werk. Nina Simone, East Of Woodstock, West Of Vietnam, Goodnight Juarez, Stealing Electricity. Allemaal instant klassiekers, allemaal even prachtig.

For over three decades and 28 album releases Tom Russell has continued to live up to his status as (re: Washington Post) “one of our greatest songwriters of our time.” His last two releases: Blood and Candle Smoke (2009) and Mesabi (20ll), are considered his strongest composed works yet and were, in part, recorded with the groundbreaking roots band Calexico. Years ago Russell and Dave Alvin, were tagged as the architects of what came to be known as “Americana” music, with their Merle Haggard tribute “Tulare Dust,” the record which initiated the Americana charts in America, and remained number one for a year. Aztec Jazz moves Americana into a new realm.


Love Abides
Nina Simone
East Of Woodstock, West Of Vietnam
Goodnight Juarez
Stealing Electricity
Finding You
Mississippi River Running Backwards
St. Olav’s Gate
Jai Alai.



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